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Flying the flag for flavour.

UK Flavour is a full-service flavour house and manufacturer based on the East Riding of Yorkshire. Founded in 2003, we're a family company specialising in the development, production and supply of flavourings in the UK and beyond. Our passion for taste is second to none.

As is our commitment to producing goods of the highest quality. All of our e-liquid products comply with both current TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) legislation as well as our own, stringent quality control processes. Aside from ensuring that our products meet strict MHRA guidelines, we also offer a full, in-house TPD compliance testing service.

The fun part? At UK Flavour, we can create just about any flavour imaginable. This means matching existing profiles or producing something completely unique to order. Working in a state-of-the-art research and development facility, our skilled flavourists spend hours upon hours tweaking the many bespoke creations our customers request. From one-off replications to complete, white-label product ranges, our standards remain the same.

Based in Bridlington, the UK Flavour portfolio includes a pair of fast-growing subsidiary companies that operate in the e-liquid and CBD markets: BigJuice UK and Canevolve. With almost 20 years' industry experience, a rapidly expanding team, and products that our customers love, we're just getting started.

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